To does

to does

used with inversion of a subject and verb when an adverbial phrase begins a clause for emphasis. used to give emphasis to a positive verb. Microsoft To Do.

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หลักการใช้ do/does, did, done แบบละเอียด - ภาษาอังกฤษกับเคลี่

To does -

Do you have breakfast on Saturdays? What does Jenny want for breakfast? Why does your coat have ten zippers? Is your hair shorter than mine? His name's Kevin. to does

: To does

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Free spins on coin masters Do chickens usually fly? My alarm clock wakes me up. I do love a to does comedy. We do not care about imaginary creatures. How does that clock work?
To does When does she normally come home from work? We're about the same height. Both are put in the same place in sentences and questions. Example: To does your homework. I want to do my best in this race.
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This book is very sad. Why does your coat have ten zippers? Note that for a question involving the subject pronoun I the verb form am is needed: Are you working at the moment? Is your to does shorter than mine? To does believed he could do it. Don't you realise it's all a load of nonsense. Example: Does your homework.


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