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fiji coins

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As of there were coins of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 Cents and 1 Dollar. A circulation commemorative 50 Cents depicting Iliesa Delana on the obverse dated has now been put into circulation. Coins of the Republic of Fiji as a suspended member state of the Commonwealth [ edit ] After Fiji was fully suspended from the Commonwealth of Nations in September , new coins featuring native animals in place of the Queen were minted by the Royal Canadian Mint in Winnipeg in , becoming available in The old coins based on the Australian size standard were withdrawn from circulation. Her portrait was updated to a more mature one, which was released in , becoming the fourth portrait of the Queen to appear on Fijian currency. The new 50 cent piece is also round with reeded edges rather than twelve-sided. fiji coins

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Fiji Uses Coca-Cola Bottle Caps as Coins


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