5 Important Things to Know About Cooking Lamb

Lamb is a tricky protein to deal with. It can taste incredible when you know what to do with it, but the simplest mistake can also ruin the entire dish. Knowing how to handle lamb and how to cook it properly is essential.

Fortunately, lamb is becoming more common as a protein of choice, which means there are more lamb dishes you can try. There are also more tips and tricks on how to cook lamb perfectly. We are going to review some of those tips in this post.

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Know the Flavor

Lamb is quite different than mutton. Lamb is younger, which is why it has a milder flavor and aroma to it. Knowing how to take advantage of that milder flavor will give you the edge when cooking lamb.

You don’t want to overcomplicate the dish, but you can be bolder with the spices and ingredients when cooking lamb. This is the kind of protein that will shine on its own or as part of a delicate dish.

Choose a Cut

Choosing the right cut is another important thing you need to do when cooking lamb. Different cuts are perfect for different uses, and they also require different handling. Working with a lamb rack – the prime cut – means removing any excess fat and the tougher skin. With loin chops, on the other hand, the fat helps keep the protein moist and tender when grilled.

The one thing you cannot do without is freshness. Even when shopping online, you have to be extra certain that the meat will be delivered fresh. Fortunately, you now have online supermarkets such as Villa Market offering meat delivery Bangkok as your source of fresh lamb cuts.

Cook the Protein First

Lamb takes relatively longer than other proteins to reach its optimum temperature, so you want to cook the meat first before you start adding vegetables and other ingredients to the mix. Adding vegetables later gives you a more vibrant flavor and crisper taste.

With some dishes, you have to cook the lamb for several hours to get the spices and seasonings developed properly. That brings us to our next tip, which is….

Take Your Time

Don’t rush through the process. Preparing lamb requires patience, simply because it takes longer – and more care – to bring out the best texture and flavor in the protein. You also have to rely on additional techniques such as shocking (taking ingredients out of the boiler and straight into ice water) to balance the flavors of other ingredients you use to cook lamb.

Leave the Bones

Here’s one last secret to remember about cooking lamb: go bone-in. Leaving the bones in as you cook the meat allows for the flavor to fully mature. You can taste the difference too, even if you are not one that cooks (or eats) lamb frequently.

Combined, these tips and tricks will help you prepare the best lamb dishes and wow your guests. Remember to start with fresh ingredients and to be patient when cooking with this protein; the results are well worth the extra effort you put into making them.