Officers fired for coin flip

officers fired for coin flip

Courtney Brown and Kristee Wilson were fired following an internal investigation, Roswell city spokeswoman Julie Brechbill told The AJC in an. › story › police-officers-fired-for-using-coin-flip-app-to-det. The footage showed them using a cellphone app mimicking a coin toss to decide whether to arrest Sarah Webb, who'd been pulled over for. officers fired for coin flip Grant cited policies that state officers should serve the public in a "kind, considerate, and patient manner" and should refrain from conduct that destroys public respect for the officer or the department. One officer says to the other "A heads, R tails. Flipping virtual coin before arrest Why you can trust Sky News Two Georgia police officers have been fired after flipping a virtual coin to determine if a speeding motorist should be arrested. Webb said she didn't know the officers used the coin-toss app before officers fired for coin flip her until she was contacted by WXIA three weeks before her court date. The coin lands on tails for release, Brown confirmed, but Webb officers fired for coin flip still arrested. Courtney Brown and Kristee Wilson were involved in a traffic stop on April 7 after Brown pulled over Sarah Webb, who said she was on her way to work.


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