Data table for cleaning coins

data table for cleaning coins

Dirty pennies; Clean Pennies data sheet (pdf); Safety goggles; Cups; Salt; Vinegar; Paper towel; Paper clips. Additional Resources. Books. Independent: My independent variable is the type of liquid I will use to clean my coins. For this project they will be baking soda, lemon juice. Record how much each solution cleaned the pennies on the data table. My hypothesis was correct, the vinegar and salt cleaned the penny the best because​. data table for cleaning coins

Data table for cleaning coins -

It was a physical change. Extensions Allow students with special needs to list or draw examples of chemical change instead of writing a paragraph. Remove pennies and place them on a paper towel to dry. If the cleaned pennies are allowed to sit without rinsing them off, more malachite forms. Family Connections Have a mold race! This is not a chemical change. Moisten a slice of bread with a few drops of water data table for cleaning coins place it into a Ziploc sandwich bag. They should see bubbles rising from the thread of the screw, which is another indicator of chemical change. Pennies will become bright pink and copper colored. She tested if data table for cleaning coins and water, household bleach, lemon juice, vinegar and salt, coca cola, or ketchup can clean a copper penny the best. Hypothesis: My hypothesis was that the lemon juice would be the best cleaning solution because it's used for preserving apples, so it will probably be good for cleaning coins. By the time they are dry you will see a green-colored substance called malachite.

: Data table for cleaning coins

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AUSTRIAN SCHILLING COIN VALUES Place a paper clip in data table for cleaning coins cup of vinegar and salt solution. This is because ketchup contains salt and vinegar. One source that helped me with my project was www. I set up my experiment on a table and mixed each solution together. Place it in a warm, dark place. Pennies will become bright pink and copper colored.

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