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How Many XP Coins Are In Fortnite Season 6? All XP Coins Locations For Fortnite. Fortnite XP Coin Locations: Where To Find Every Season 5, Week 14 XP Coin · Green: 5, XP · Blue: 6, XP · Purple: 10, XP · Gold: 15, Purple coin locations. Purple coins this week seem to be placed in the middle of two landmarks. The first purple coin can be found near two large.

Xp coins fortnite locations -

Coin 2— In a bush to the East of Slurpy Swamp's main area. In Chapter 2 Season 5, the Coins started to appear in Week 7. Coin 2— In the field directly south of Steamy Stacks. Coin 2— East-by-Southeast of Holly Hedges, a short distance outside of the woods. You will find a narrow bay branching into the island. Leave the landmark from its northeast entrance and run for the hills to find the second purple XP coin. It is actually in the factory beside it, up in the rafters. Xp coins fortnite locations Blue Coin is just to the north in the water when the beach starts to curve. Coin 4— Off the Southeast corner of Camp Cod, on the southern edge of the map. Coin 3— On the Northeast corner of Weeping Woods, where the forest meets the sand. Purple Coins The Purple coins will explode into a bunch of smaller coins that you need to pick up immediately xp coins fortnite locations they will eventually fade away. There are no stairs going up.


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