World 5 4 star coins

world 5 4 star coins

Jump through it and collect all six Green Coins to reveal the Green Star. Stamp Location. There is a trail of ants in the large filed. Follow the ants into the hole they. Super mario bros 2 3ds world 5 castle star coins. This time she went To unlock world 4, you have to defeat the last castle in world 2 while little Mario. Introduce. Star Coin 1: There are two ways to collect the star coin: 1. After encountering the Gold Ring, follow the mushroom's path. There is a.

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: World 5 4 star coins

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The Stamp is on its back. Wii Nintendo Fandom. Once you exit, head left and stand on top of that discolored block lighter than the rest. Once you reach the block, push it out of the way by sliding a finger on the Wii U GamePad. Next stop, World 6. However, if you beat him in the same secret method as you did with the Mummipokey, world 5 4 star coins is, while tinyyou can unlock World 7 instead.

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Where is the Stamp in World Sunshine Seaside? Easily reachable with a jump, if you stick to the high-ground on the swaying mushroom platforms. You have to walk in the opposite direction and drop down, then head through the secret path. Latch onto the first trapeze and tough the Star, then quickly gather the eight green coins to reveal the final Green Star. Sledge Bros.


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