World 2 level 5 star coins

world 2 level 5 star coins

Star Coins: World · Star Coin #1 - After passing the first group of cactus creatures use Yoshi to eat Lakita and steal his cloud. · Star Coin #2 - Mario will come to a. This level has many Pokeys, and there is also a Yoshi in this level. The Pokeys turn into a fruit-like variant with the beat of the music. Star Coin 2. The second coin of this level is extremely well hidden. You'll need Yoshi for this one. Just before the midway flag is a fire-spitting. world 2 level 5 star coins

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NEW Super Mario Bros. Wii 100% Walktrought World 2-5! ALL STAR COINS A Boomerang Bro can also be found there. The player should then jump from the blocks that they could go through and will end up by the pipe the player would have came from if they took the first route, and will follow the same route to reach the end of the level. He should keep going until he finds a second Fire Snake. A trail of coins should appear leading down. After taking the world 2 level 5 star coins passage, there should be a Blockhopper. He should keep jumping so that he won't lose a life, and he should move to the right at the same time. The player should then fall down world 2 level 5 star coins the blocks, and jump across the gap to find many coins, a Blockhopper, and the final Star Coin.


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