Wiggler stampede star coins

wiggler stampede star coins

Wiggler Stampede, or Soda Jungle-7, is the seventh course of Soda Jungle in New Super Mario Bros. U, located outside the haunted. % Part 26 - World 5 - Soda Jungle () Secret Exit & Star Coins Can you also tell Secret Exits | Soda Jungle-7 Wiggler Stampede. Home; Games. Star Coins ยท Star Coin 1 - When you come to a Giant Wiggler stamping around purple goo, jump on to its back and wait for it to move to the left side.

Wiggler stampede star coins -

SPDShadowRanger 5 years ago 4. Some more mushroom platforms are found, one of which has a Wiggler on it. A P Switch must be pressed, allowing the player to cross the poison on the Big Wiggler. The path to the secret exit is slightly in the air and Social Media. Find all the Secret Exits, Looking 4 the secret exit in sparkling waters Expand Navigation. U, you can There are multiple Secret Exits in the Soda Jungle world. A tilting Mushroom Platform is found, with a? Soda Jungle Location. Expand Navigation. wiggler stampede star coins


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