Shah alam 2 coins

shah alam 2 coins

Bengal Presidency, Silver 1/2 Rupee (4 Coins), Murshidabad Mint (Calcutta, & issue), in the name of Shah Alam II, RY F. Prid This silver rupee of Shah Alam II which weighs around g was minted at Shahjahanabad. The obverse of the coin is inscribed with Persian. Mughal Empire Shah Alam II Rupee AH11xx/Ry.9 The Silver Rupee coins is one of the Mughal coin and it also comes under Shah Alam 2 Coins. Country. shah alam 2 coins

Shah alam 2 coins -

This was the time when the infamous "Black Hole of Calcutta" incident took place. In , the Company received rights over Calcutta, a fort was constructed there Fort William , and in the Bengal Presidency was created. Additional dots in the centers of the rosettes circled in black indicated Dacca, Murshidabad and Patna. Innovations like ornamentation of the background of the die with floral scrollwork were introduced. Mughal coin designs came to maturity during the reign of the Grand Mughal, Akbar. Jehangir took a personal interest in his coinage. A new mint was opened there in , where machine struck coins like this one were issued. Incidentally, there is shah alam 2 coins error in Pridmore where he lists the diameter of the coin as 30 mm. The lack of any privy marks see commentary on next coin proves that this was one of the initial issues from the mint. The most significant monetary contribution of the Mughals was to bring about uniformity and consolidation of the system of coinage throughout the Empire. Coins of the Mughal Empire Mohur-Humayun. After the Bengal forces captured the fort, some of the captured prisoners escaped, and the officer in charge placed the remaining prisoners in a small shah alam 2 coins x 18 foot room overnight. Diameter: 20 mm Die axis: 5 o'clock Legend, including mint name Murshidabad, and mint mark crescent AH year off flan Legend, including frozen regnal year "19" Reference: PridmoreKM


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