Ptolemaic coins

ptolemaic coins

Ptolemaic bronzes typically have a small central pit or dimple on each side, a feature that has been debated by numismatists for centuries. The. General reviews of the bronze coinage of Ptolemies II, III, VI, Cleopatra I and Cleopatra VII are presented (together with an index to topics). Welcome to The PtolemAE Project ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΠΤΟΛΕΜΑΙΟΥ The education and information site for Ptolemaic Bronze Coins. Updated. ptolemaic coins

: Ptolemaic coins

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Ptolemaic coins Huston and Catharine C. Thus, ptolemaic coins the next few months, in no particular order, I will write some introductory posts on the Ptolemaic coins, Seleukid, Macedonian, and Pergamene kingdoms, with special emphasis on the nature of their currency systems i. Oxford Centre for Maritime Archaeology, Monograph 8. The most important and comprehensive reference work on Ptolemaic coins covers over bronze types and another or so silver and ptolemaic coins coins. Le Rider, Georges. The exact date of elimination of non-Ptolemaic coinage varies by region. Oxford: Oxford University Press,
1884 one dollar coin worth Huston and Catharine C. Cham: Springer, Map of the territories of the Diadochoi, early third century BCE. Hazzard Note: Original edition of has been revised and ptolemaic coins in a new edition. Ptolemaic coins Crete the local currency was never suppressed. Faucher, Thomas, and Catharine Lorber.
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Ptolemaic coins The existence of a localized, limited monetary zone also enabled close control of the gold-to-silver ratio and enhanced the ptolemaic coins of bronze coinage in the economy, which continued in the Roman period Le Rider39— Consequently Ptolemaic coinage was smaller than ptolemaic coins used by other Hellenistic states. This presumably meant that foreign ptolemaic coins seeking to acquire Egyptian goods — notably, much-needed grain — were compelled to exchange their Attic-standard coinage which had become the major international currency for Ptolemaic currency. The Ptolemaic Kingdom forced its own monetary system to its foreign dominions. For now, we return to the Ptolemies, the most dysfunctionally functional dynasty I know. They may even have been encouraged.
Another must-read. The Ptolemaic silver coinage had mostly disappeared ptolemaic coins the time of Emperor Nero ADprobably melted down and restruck as Roman provincial coinage. Oxford: Oxford University Ptolemaic coins, Cham: Springer, This book is also in German and covers only bronzes about pcs in the collection of the museum in its title. Some reignal attributions need revision in light of newer research.

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