Peruvian coin toss game

peruvian coin toss game

Oct 30, - Buy your Peruvian Sapo Game, also call Peruvian Frog Game, The de Sapo Clásico - Traditional 'Toad-in-the-Hole' Peruvian Coin Toss Game​. ZAPPOGAME PERUVIAN COIN Toss Board Game with frog indoor or outdoor game - £ FOR SALE! zappogame Peruvian Coin Toss. Portable Juego de Sapo Game - Red Base | FREE SHIPPING. SAPO® Coin Toss Game. $ $ Collections. Authentic Peruvian SAPO®. peruvian coin toss game

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No kidding. That point value is now peruvian coin toss game. Kind of like getting a strike in bowling only the frog game is dramatically harder. Field Goal 3 Points : Get a coin in any hole at the top of the game. This is another one of those I was wrong incidents. The next player then takes their turn.


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