Nueva alemania coin

nueva alemania coin

In Mexico there is a state called Nueva Alemania, located in the Municipality of La Concordia (in the State of Chiapas), but it is known that there is no record of the. The coins, supposedly found by Aviles, have been imprinted with the text “Nueva Alemania” (New Germany) and year at the bottom. Mysterious 'coin' found at construction site in Mexico be observed below the words “Nueva Alemania” – which translates to New Germany.

Nueva alemania coin -

One of the most popular theories of alternative universes is string theory. But that's just me. So it's like someone reworded Ockham's Razor to read, "Of competing explanations that account for all of the known facts, the most likely one is the one that requires 5, ad-hoc assumptions, breaking every known law of physics, and pretzel logic that only someone with the IQ of a peach pit could think sounded plausible. Just above the imprinted year is Reichsadler Nazi Party symbol, along with the words, 'Nueva Alemania' which translates to 'New Germany'. Myself, I'm perfectly satisfied when I can explain things using the regular old reality. But that's just me. Is it really a coin of the year nueva alemania coin So, what can be the explanation? And we should also take into account that the story was broken in The Daily Star, which is the only media source I know that rivals The Daily Mail Fail for sheer volume of nonsense. That said, alternative versions of our world could be almost identical, or totally different. On the other hand, the way in which the other dimensions would expand would be along the timelines and possible situations. So, if it is not a montage, it is certainly a very strange coin, even if it nueva alemania coin not come from the future or from a parallel universe. nueva alemania coin


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