Miss print coins

miss print coins

Oct 17, - Explore William P-Zone's board "miss print coins" on Pinterest. See more ideas about coins, valuable coins, coins worth money. These coins could be worth a fortune because they were accidentally printed onto the wrong base - copper instead of silver. The coins have a different "tails". An error coin is a coin that was manufactured incorrectly by a mint. Many times called mint errors, error coins come in scores of "shapes, sizes and types. miss print coins The broken piece may be retained in position or fall away. If you find a first tier mint error coin that is not listed on this page, details will need to be added to the UK Error Coin database, we will then carry out further investigation and where applicable, arrange for the coin to miss print coins examined by The Miss print coins Mint Museum. Unlike a broadstrike, the punch is not in the center of the coin, but rather the edge. The punches sometimes overlap miss print coins leading edge of the metal producing a straight clip. Overdates and overmintmarks[ edit ] In the past, mints used dies until they broke. Offset errors occur when the hammer die is not centered over the anvil die typically resulting in an off-centered obverse, but centered reverse. Sometimes technicians use a punch with the wrong or incorrectly sized letter or number.


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