Martin van buren coin 1837

martin van buren coin 1837

Martin Van Buren served in that capacity from to A CoinNews photo of an earlier released James Madison Presidential Silver. Martin Van Buren “Indian Peace Medal” - Eighth President of the United States (March 4, to March 3, ) - Original US Mint Medal by Moritz Furst​. For sale: $1 Dollar Coin in Short Time Circulated. y / 8th President Martin Van Burden. Please See Pictures for Details. Sold as Seen. We post only to UK.

Martin van buren coin 1837 -

The Van Buren dollar coin measures exactly In the first stages the measure was eminently successful, notwithstanding the violent opposition of the Bank of the United States and the unceasing efforts made to overthrow it. That is what makes them collectible in the first place, and that is the initial draw that we feel to them. I can not doubt that on this as on all similar occasions the Federal Government will find its agency most conducive to the security and happiness of the people when limited to the exercise of its conceded powers. Moritz Furst, an early 19th-century medallic artist, designed and sculpted the obverse.

Martin van buren coin 1837 -

Personal security was required for the safe-keeping and prompt payment of the moneys to be received, and full returns of their condition were from time to time to be made by the depositories. It may indeed be questioned whether it is not for the interest of the banks themselves that the Government should not receive their paper. To these sentiments I have now only to add the expression of an increased conviction that the reestablishment of such a bank in any form, whilst it would not accomplish the beneficial purpose promised by its advocates, would impair the rightful supremacy of the popular will, injure the character and diminish the influence of our political system, and bring once more into existence a concentrated moneyed power, hostile to the spirit and threatening the permanency of our republican institutions. The matter thus became connected with the passions and conflicts of party; opinions were more or less affected by political considerations, and differences were prolonged which might otherwise have been determined by an appeal to facts, by the exercise of reason, or by mutual concession. This result was strikingly exhibited during the operations of the late deposit system, and especially in the purchases of public lands. A provision of another act, passed about the same time, and intended to secure a faithful compliance with the obligation of the United States to satisfy all demands upon them in specie or its equivalent, prohibited the offer of any bank note not convertible on the spot into gold or silver at the will of the holder; and the ability of the Government, with millions on deposit, to meet its engagements in the manner thus required by law was rendered very doubtful by the event to which I have referred.


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