Love token coin

love token coin

The first love tokens were coins that had been bent twice so they could no longer be used as money. They were given as amulets and charms to prospective lovers​. A Love token is generally defined as coins where one side (or sometimes both sides) has been smoothed down and engraved with initials. The love token is a coin that has been smoothed flat on one or both sides and has been hand-engraved with sentimental messages, names, love signs as hearts. love token coin

Love token coin -

Did the brooch of many names represent the love of a mother and to her children? And sometimes love tokens celebrated not-so-loving phenomena. The one on the right has a fabulous picture of the devil complete with the flames of hell. Nor is it necessarily the date engraved on the coin, which might be a significant date to the engraver and not the date the engraver re-carved the coin. Some engraved their military crests whilst others just used dots to outline names or initials of loved ones. Photos by Nancy Rosin Of course, the tradition of love tokens had precedence. She has previously blogged about the V-nickel , the Kennedy half-dollar , and some fascinating fiscal facial hair. I feel love token coin it brought me blessings: I have a wonderful husband, children, and grandchildren. What are the stories these coins tell? Robyn Einhorn, a specialist in the museum's National Numismatic Collection, shares her favorites. He says that he was at a coin show and a Civil War love token caught his love token coin. But love tokens give people an opportunity to bring back the romance. They were given as amulets and charms to prospective lovers.


  1. What are your thoughts on the Wise token? It looks pretty awesome to me. Am I missing something?

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