Kannons klaim dk coin

kannons klaim dk coin

Where the hell is the DK coin in the Kannon's Klaim! level of Donkey Kong Country 2? Close. 0 It's in one of the bonus levels (use Dixie to get all the way over). He asked for Donkey Kong to join him, but DK simply continues lounging. They are generally well Where the hell is the DK coin in the Kannon's Klaim! It is preceded by Hot-Head Hop and has Lava Lagoon come after it. Collect all DK Coins, Kremkoins and Feathers in The Flying Krock. Kannon's Klaim is the.

: Kannons klaim dk coin

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kannons klaim dk coin

Kannons klaim dk coin -

The first of the platforms holds a Klomp, while the next one carries a Kannon that shoots kannonballs at the Kongs. However, it is near-impossible to get with Rambi. If they manage to dodge this enemy and reach the last of the three barrels, they are blasted upwards onto a platform with another Blast Barrel above it. As the "No Squawks" sign comes into view, head right, then down the channel to get the DK coin as fast as you can. A platform is to the right of here that sits under a Blast Barrel, which can blast the heroes past a Zinger and to some more Blast Barrels.


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