Hebrew coins

hebrew coins

located on Christian Quarter Road (Shop #24) in the Old City of Jerusalem, Israel​. Jerusalem Gift Shop. © Zakaria Antiquities. All rights reserved. Gabriel. OLDER THAN DIRT. Guaranteed Authentic. Ancient Coins & Artifacts: Ancient Egyptian artifacts · Ancient Jewelry · Ancient Roman Empire · Ancient Greece · Celtic tribes. Bible mentions four (“kings” through the grace of Rome) by that name: 1) Herod the Great, a Judaized (or proselytized) Idumaen, ruled Judea tyrannically with Roman backing. He died.

Hebrew coins -

It is assumed that all of these denominations are fractions of a shekel. Much better than photo! Earthen patina, nice script not well represented in photo. Large 17x15 mm, 2. Nice reddish earthen tone. Bronze prutah, set in 18k gold bezel. An etrog is depicted on the obverse, and two lulav are on the reverse. Golden-red to green patina, good relief hebrew coins great edges. Cast copper falus. Morocco, A. Unparalleled condition! The smaller of these coins also has the depiction of a chalice, together with symbols of the Jewish harvest festival of Sukkota lulav and etrogand the date and inscription "For the Hebrew coins of Zion". Rare overstruck bronze prutah of Alexander Jannaeus. hebrew coins


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