Freezing rain tower star coins

freezing rain tower star coins

These video guides show the locations of all Star Coins in this Star Coins hidden on level Frosted Glacier-Tower “Freezing-Rain Tower”. Star Coins​​ Be careful to mind the row of icicles. Star Coin 2 - After you start the ride on the raising platform, you'll eventually see the tower start to bottleneck. Don't wait for the platform and start wall jumping up to get some distance. at the end of the bottleneck will be the Star Coin - far to the right. U - Acorn Plains-1 - Acorn Plains Way Star Coin Location Guide | Gamers Heroes Frosted Glacier Freezing-Rain Tower Star Coin Locations.

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New Super Mario Bros. U - Frosted Glacier-Freezing Rain Tower Star Coins Guide

Freezing rain tower star coins -

The Checkpoint Flag is found, along with platforms leading to a lift. A Red Ring is found underneath a row of icicles on the ceiling. Layout[ edit ] Similarly to Icicle Caverns and World , icicles act as the main obstacles. A section with more large icicles follows, and they are used to reach higher platforms with Dry Bones on them. Enemies and obstacles[ edit ]. Block containing a power-up. freezing rain tower star coins


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