Fortnite chapter 2 xp coin locations

fortnite chapter 2 xp coin locations

XP Coins Locations Week 15 Part 2 · Coin #1— On the southern edge of the map​. · Coin #2— In a bush to the East of Slurpy Swamp's main area. Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Week 3 XP Coin Locations. @HYPEX has leaked the locations of this upcoming weeks XP Coins. This week. The final Gold XP Coin of Chapter 2 - Season 5 has been appropriately placed at Hunter's Haven. Hunter's Haven is home to the signature.

Fortnite chapter 2 xp coin locations -

The coin is on the river bend near Mount Kay. The coin is hidden in the small room behind that door. The Blue Coin is just to the north in the water when the beach starts to curve. Week 13 Locations Green Coin 1 — on a small peninsula to the west of Coral Castle Green Coin 2 — directly south of Craggy Cliffs Green Coin 3 — near the scattered houses to the south of Misty Meadows Green Coin 4 — near the small shop to the south of Catty Corner Blue Coin 1 — between the waterfalls to the south of Coral Castle Blue Coin 2 — near the dam at Hydro 16 Blue Coin 3 -in the shallow, twisting river to the southeast corner of the desert. Coin 2— On the large hill directly North of The Orchard's west side. Coin 2— Southeast of Retail Row. Each Blue coin will give you 6, XP when you collect it.

Fortnite chapter 2 xp coin locations -

Coin 3— Near the gas station North of Slurpy Swamp. When you reach the bottom of the bunker, you will see a door in the center room there is usually a loot chest that spawns here. In the shallow water of an alcove West of the mountain. Coin 2 - Go to the Dusty Depot, and to the southwest corner of the outside, in a corner of two crumbled walls is the Green Coin. While you're there drive a car through the corn fields to complete a Week 8 challenge! To see all the leaks that came from v Coin 2 - Head southwest of Shanty Town, or northwest of Flushed Factory, and in the swamp between the two locations. fortnite chapter 2 xp coin locations

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 ALL 10 XP COIN LOCATIONS (XP Coins Are Back!)


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