Electrotype coin

electrotype coin

The Jonathan K. Kern Collection of Electrotypes and Forgeries Lot obviously used the BM electrotype of this coin as the basis the forgery here, as it does. Electrotyping (also galvanoplasty) is a chemical method for forming metal parts that exactly In the 19th century, museums often displayed electrotypes of ancient coins instead of the originals (see photograph D below), and individuals​. Electrotypes are an approachable and highly accurate way to represent coins that are otherwise unobtainable for most (or all) collectors. Though.

: Electrotype coin

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  1. When this came out I was like, "In 10 years this will bring back memories" but it's only been 4 years and I'm wondering why TF this is nostalgic.

  2. Seen this same Expert Oliver Booth recommended elsewhere on YouTube, they sure seem reputable.

  3. しかし、私はこれらのことを行います

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