Electric coin counter

electric coin counter

ELECTRIC COIN SORTER CHANGE MONEY CASH COUNTING COUNTER MACHINE BATTERY OPERATED. $ Free shipping. Count and sort your coins in record speed with this Royal Sovereign Show more. Royal Sovereign - Electric 1 Row Coin Sorter. Model. Turn loose coins and pocket change into "real money" with the Heavy Duty Electric Coin Sorter. This sturdy electric machine features a large hopper that holds. electric coin counter

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Royal Sovereign Electric Two-Row Coin Sorter (FS-2D) It has a hopper capacity of up to 2, coins dimeswith a bin capacity of dimes, nickels, quarters, pennies, and dollars. The hopper has electric coin counter capacity to hold over coins. Stop counting coins manually and put your time to electric coin counter use! The Cassida C sorts coins into separate coin drawers, making it easy for you to transfer into wrappers. Dimensions Height Some coin sorters even place your coins into preformed wrappers, making it much easier to wrap and roll your coins.


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