Does walmart have a coin machine

does walmart have a coin machine

That's nearly $12 for every $ in coins you feed to the machine. cruising the aisles of Walmart, for instance, head to the self-checkout area and Or, you might have others do it for you for a small tip — such as your kids! › Consumer. If you shop at a grocery store or places like Walmart, you've likely seen the name Coinstar. These big, green, coin-counting machines promise to turn your.

Does walmart have a coin machine -

Note that not all locations have Coinstar kiosks. Or, they might not allow non-members to trade in coins at all. How do I contact Coinstar customer service? You might find a Coinstar machine at your local Kmart. CVS Most CVS stores have self-checkout kiosks, especially during the Covid pandemic to encourage less human contact between customers and store employees. Coinstar has several e-gift card options.


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