Cretara coin

cretara coin

Laura Cretara designs unified currency coin. A new coin struck by The Royal Mint will be unveiled at the World Money Fair in Berlin on. Detailed information about the coin Lire, Italy, with pictures and collection and swap Type, Standard circulation coin Cretara. Engraver: Laura Cretara. In addition to her work as a designer of coins, Laura Cretara has created a lire silver coin for the centenary of Rome as the capital of Italy (value side. cretara coin

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500 Lire Italy From that moment on, the mutual esteem and trust between the two has continued to grow, giving life to a long-lasting cretara coin of which the company is very proud. She studied art at secondary school and then at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cretara coin, before specialising at the Medal Art School under the guidance of masters such as Guttuso, Fazzini, Giampaoli and Baiardi. During her tenure, she contributed to the installation of several works of art in the public space of the city of Rome, such as a copy of the equestrian statue of Mark Aurelwhich has stood on Capitol Square since Therefore, it is a privilege. As a teenager she chose to attend an artistic Lyceum, cretara coin enrolling in the Academy of Fine Arts and subsequently completing her education at the School of Medal Art, where Guttuso was among her teachers. The tree of life is in fact the work of Cretara, which she imagined as a plant nourished by cretara coin planet Earth, with five cretara coin, each with five different leaves all the same size.


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