Coin direct numismatics

coin direct numismatics

Purchased coins/silver from the company on 3/10/ The money was withdrawn from my account and they still did not ship the items. I contacted them directly. Wholesale Coins Direct offers rare coins, platinum, silver coins, and gold bullion direct to precious metals dealers and the public on our online website. Our vision at Wholesale Coins Direct is to provide quality numismatic products to the public and other dealers at wholesale prices. coin direct numismatics

: Coin direct numismatics

1976 us coin proof set value 775
Coin direct numismatics Be wary of U. As a full-service dealer — obviously we sell coins… but we also offer many options for disposing of your coins, including direct Phoenix coin purchaseconsignment, and auction. Additionally, you need to watch your email for announcements from the mint that a special coin or set is now available. Commemorative Coins and Coin Sets Commemorative coins and sets issued by the United States Mint are also available for purchase coin direct numismatics from the coin direct numismatics. Some of the most popular U. Additionally, some large-volume coin dealers will pay people to order the coins and then send the coins directly to the coin dealer. We make house calls, bank calls or can meet at your attorney or fiduciary offices as well.
Pole jumping for red coins Please check the mint's website for more details. During times of high-volume traffic on the website, there have been some issues that have sold out in as little as six minutes! Auction We can help you auction your coins. Although this may be unethical, it is not illegal. Remember, not all coins and coin direct numismatics are available for a subscription.
The bullion versions of these coins intended for investment purposes, rather than the numismatic value of the coins, must be purchased through coin direct numismatics or bullion dealers. With substantial financial resources and industry clout, Jeff Wuller is an active and major buyer of virtually all US coin direct numismatics and Currency. Patience and timing will usually result in securing one limited edition coins or sets. Sell Gold or other Precious Metal scrap. This may slow the sale by a day or so, but it gets you the top dollar for your Arizona coins.


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