Chandragupta 2 coins

chandragupta 2 coins

The Guptas named themselves after Chandragupta, the founder of the Maurya dynasty. This coin of Chandragupta II, who ruled from around ad to Your search for 'chandragupta' matched 12 lots from auctions added in the last six World Coins from Various Properties India, GUPTA, Chandragupta II (c. The coins are thematic and depict various facets of the Gupta rulers' personal and social life. The ornate script on the coin is Brahmi. This coin was issued by Chandragupta II, the third Gupta King. chandragupta 2 coins

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Important Questions on Gupta Dynasty--Competitive Exams-- The abundant beautiful gold coins issued by the Chandragupta 2 coins dynasty testify to the imperial grandeur of that age. Majumdar theorizes that Chandragupta's conquest of present-day Gujarat where the Asiatic lion is found may have presented him with an opportunity to hunt lions, resulting in the substition chandragupta 2 coins tiger with lion on the imperial coins. Also, the throne back has completely chandragupta 2 coins, and the cornucopia that Lakshmi used to hold in her proper left arm has been replaced by a long-stemmed lotus blossom. Gold Coins Chandragupta II, gold dinar, c. Later Reign Faxian Fa-shien had been the first of three great Chinese pilgrims who visited India from the fifth to the seventh centuries C. However, this identification is not certain, and Chandra of the Hunza inscriptions could have well been a local ruler. Couch type Chandragupta II, gold dinar, c.


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