Battle coins in pubg mobile

battle coins in pubg mobile

A chicken dinner in a game, with some decent kills, can fetch players a good amount of battle coins. These can be redeemed easily in the PUBG. Once you have registered, all players are divided into their particular tiers and are notified about their match. Failing to play the match disqualifies the entry. Earnings can be redeemed under the Redeem Rewards section at the bottom. You can exchange Battle Coins for UC Packs, outfits, skins and Bonus Vouchers. Go to shop and redeem “silver fragments “ in exchange of battle points. With silver fragments you can redeem many items from the shop like bagpacks,gun skins. battle coins in pubg mobile

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PUBG MOBILE BONUS TOURNAMENT TRICKS - WIN UPTO 100 UC IN JUST 45 MINUTES - Hindi - Voltaik Gaming 🔥 Do mention your thoughts in the comment section below! Win 3 matches in a row: Win the next 3 Classic Squad matches. PUBG Mobile has been able to attract lots of mobile gamers, who spend hours playing battle coins in pubg mobile game. Accept the Challenge and start a Classic Squad match. How else to earn Battle Coins without playing Bonus Challenge? But you need to follow the rules strictly or it will result in disqualification.


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