Basic attention coin

basic attention coin

Brave Rewards is built on the Basic Attention Token (BAT), a new way to value attention, connecting users, content creators, and advertisers. When you join Brave. About Basic Attention Token Coin. Basic Attention Token price today is $ with a hour trading volume of $,, BAT price is down % in the last. The Basic Attention Token is the new token for the digital advertising industry. It pays publishers for their content and users for their attention, while providing. Moreover, advertisers lack sufficient targeting methods and information to deliver their content sufficiently, again, because these functions are monopolized by platforms. Then, Brave uses an anonymous accounting process to confirm ad event activity, keep personal details private, and ensure people earn rewards for their attention. Get rewarded for browsing and support your favorite content creators Why Brave Rewards Your attention basic attention coin valuable. The makers of BAT indicate that the user's private data and basic attention coin information is stored only on the user's device, ensuring that it is anonymous and private. With Brave Rewards, ad matching happens directly on your device and removes basic attention coin need to leak personal data to provide relevant advertising. The developers indicate that they "plan to mitigate possible ad fraud through the use of cryptography, better client-side integrity, and transparency achieved through open source.


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