Australian $2 coin weight

australian $2 coin weight

The Australian two-dollar coin is the highest-denomination coin of the Australian dollar. Australia. Value, AUD. Mass, g. Diameter, mm. Thickness, mm. Edge, interrupted milled 20 notches. Composition, 92% Copper, 6%. Hello Dane Diedricks, the Australian 50c coin weighs grams and measures millimetres across flats. Struck in aluminium bronze (92% copper, 6% aluminium and 2% nickel), an Australian $2 coin is round in shape, weighs grams, measures millimetres. It is sunset orange australian $2 coin weight it features a sun in australian $2 coin weight centre with birds and the Flanders Field poem in the background. Australian coins have medallic orientationas do most other Commonwealth coinage, Japanese yen coinage, and euro coinage. The size of the two dollar was determined after consideration of the needs of the visually impaired community, security considerations, a desire to avoid shaped coins, practical limitations to the diameter and thickness of coins, and to allow for future expansion of Australia's circulating coin array. However, to avoid confusion among the round coins, and because of its excess value, it was only produced for one year then withdrawn from circulation; there were no cent coins minted for or It was changed to a sided shape for and all following years, but the sided issue was minted as a specimen piece in —67 to test the design. This is matched with designs by the Australian -born artist Stuart Devlin on the reverse. Play media 'Design of the new decimal currency' first broadcast by the ABC in


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