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athena coin

The most famous of all civic badges was the profile of Athena, the tutelary goddess of Athens, stamped on the city's coinage. While other cities modernized the. The quantity of silver controlled by the Athenians allowed them to mint the authoritative coinage of ancient Greece, the thick and heavy Athenian. Ancient Greek and Roman coins depicting Athena or Minerva for sale in the Forum Ancient Coins shop.

Athena coin -

She was worshipped by the Macedonian kings as a warrior goddess - protector of their armies as well as themselves - that would lead them to victory in the battlefield. Athena was not only regarded as the protector of cities but of royal families as well, especially in Macedonia, where temples reported to have existed since the 4th century B. Olympic Coins Phoebus - religion and mythology were the primary sources of inspiration Athena - always depicted in full armament - helmet, spear and shield. Our next stop is Crete, the city of Itanos which is located on the east coast of the island where today's Erimopolis stands. Occasionally a city needed more money than it had in reserves. Athena Alkidemos is found as far as the boundaries of the Greek world, in Baktria and India, the farthest point in the east that any Greek army has ever marched. The city of Iton in Thessaly, located in the area of Achaia Athena coin near the Pagasitean gulf, clinton coins and antiques home to another temple dedicated to the worship of Athena. Alexander's faith in Athena was also preserved by his descendants, whose coins bear clear evidence of her worship. Indisputably, the ancient Greeks, being deeply dedicated to their faith in their Olympian gods, had every reason to represent the patron god of their city on their coins. The representation of Athena's head on the local coins is commonly associated with the Athenian colonists though it should be noted that in the pre-existing Sybaris, athena coin was a temple honouring Athena Crathie, named after the local river. Athena coin fact, the goddess was embraced in the wider region of Athena coin and a grand temple stood in Poseidonia. The temple of Athena Ilias stood at the acropolis Pergamos, in the southeast of the city. athena coin

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