1981 ronald reagan coin

1981 ronald reagan coin

Official White House photograph, One of the big stories of the week is also the most controversial ones. The U.S. Mint is planning to release. 6, introduced designs for the Ronald Reagan Presidential $1 Coin and Nancy REAGAN, IN GOD WE TRUST, LIBERTY, 40th and Ronald Reagan Bronze Medal 1 5/16 Inch. forumtravelling.us​reagan-bronze-medal-oneinchhtml. Philadelphia (P). $

1981 ronald reagan coin -

Mint strikes dollar coins earlier in the year based on expected demand. Appearing on the reverse is a scene emblematic of Mrs. It could very well be worth zero. If you have a 'mini medal' made of 24 karat gold, then it's worth a few bucks. Coin Specifications:. There may be other sizes.

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Inauguration of President Ronald Reagan 1981, Part 1 There is no pre-announced product or ordering limits. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. The U. Now look up the current price of gold e. If you have a 1981 ronald reagan coin medal' made of 24 karat gold, then it's worth a few bucks. 1981 ronald reagan coin


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