1944 5 cent canadian coin

1944 5 cent canadian coin

The Tombac 5-Cent (known examples: 1). In , Canada, like the U.S., had a severe shortage. The tombac pieces are quite rare (worth about U.S.$10,). The standard steel 5c pieces are worth about U.S. 10 cents in average. This is a nice circulated 5 cent Chrome plated Steel coin. You will get a coin similar to the one in the photo. Coins sent are in my opinion VG or better.

1944 5 cent canadian coin -

The large beads variety is the valuable coin and it comes in 2 varieties: one where a jewel at the rear of the crown is detached and one where it is slightly attached. In May the government of Canada passed an act authorizing the change to the larger nickel coin, and subsequently the majority of the mint run was melted down. In , the beaver motif was introduced for the five cents after being first considered for the ten cent coin. Estimates of how many survive vary from just over to about but I believe it is higher. The only rarer Canadian circulation coin is the fifty-cent coin , with a population of approximately The plating was applied before the blanks were struck, so the edges of these coins are dull or even rusted. Examples with eight visible pearls are scarce, and 1944 5 cent canadian coin strong pearls are rare. Mackennal is retained, but a new reverse design 1944 5 cent canadian coin W. A discussion followed where I brought up the erratic striking characteristics of earlier coins, and we suddenly realized how the two were directly related. These modifications resulted in four different varieties of the nickel and two of those are extremely valuable. Silver 5 cent coins were produced from until and the nickel later steel and steel plated version was produced from until the present. The design of a nickel refinery was picked by the Mint from entries submitted in an open competition.


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