1866 2 cent coin value

1866 2 cent coin value

A range of 2 cent coin value is given on the chart. A step , $11, $18, $34, $76 two cent coins include a variety where values change dramatically. The two-cent piece was produced by the Mint of the United States for circulation from to Reflecting the then-prevalent view that coins should contain their value in metal, Tracy's Wharton and his interests were appeased by the passage of a bill for a three-cent piece in and a five-cent piece in , both of his. Uncirculated: As its name implies, an uncirculated two-cent piece is one that never spent any time exchanging hands. As such, the coin's surfaces will have.

1866 2 cent coin value -

The bill was opposed by Mint Director Robert Patterson , as it would be difficult to refine the silver from melted-down pieces. Reverse: Features Identifying Mint State Grade: Stalks of wheat tied at the bottom forming a wreath are subject to initial wear. Both arrow points on either side of the shield remain without any flatness. Tilting the coin side to side reflects light at angles identifying traces of faded design. This might have been for the best, too, because once the coin was first introduced in , it would only stay in circulation for 10 years before being pulled. Kassonchairman of the House Committee on Coinage, Weights, and Measureswho stated that the bronze alloy did not resemble brass, and he could not support the proposition that the government is bound to purchase from a supplier because he has spent money in anticipation of sales. However, do expect variations in value to occur subject to subtle grading points, collector demands and dealer needs. Proof mintages are estimated. Wear is only found on 1866 2 cent coin value tops 1866 2 cent coin value the grains. Chase forwarded his letter to Fessenden. Keeping coins dry, holding by the edges not touching the surface is key to handling. 1866 2 cent coin value

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