1. Last year in March Bitcoin price was just $ 3700 doge just 0.0016$ I hold 37k Doge in 2017 LOLLL

  2. I have watched a couple of your videos and I really like the straightforward, realistic, sound and in depth though still easily comprehensible analysis you do. And I will keep watching. Only with regard to Bitcoin, there are a couple of things you need to consider. 1.Bitcoin: It is not to be compared to ETH or Ripple or any most other coin, scam or not, for many reasons, two most important of which are longevity (& related proven safety record) and market cap. 2. Volatility: of course there was huge volatility for a market of max 1 Billion dollars. The more the market increases, the more the volatility will decrease. At the moment it is at 170Billion. It is only now starting to become more stable. 3. Huge drawdowns: What you have missed is that even after the huge drawdowns the value is on average 3x the original value before any bull market started (apart from one where it was equal). If any stock were to increase 30x within 2-3 Months nobody would expect it to hold its value. This was speculation/hysteris/FOMO. Even the largest drawdowns were not crashes, but more gradual drops, something at least predictable after a fever of 30x. 4. Another important thing you missed, is that any other stock/market/investment that in the past has soared to 10x, 20x, 30x at some point was part of a crash and 99% of those never recovered, or do not exist today. Bitcoin has repeated that 3 to 7 times (depending on what is an absolute high for each one) and is still here. Bitcoin has an average increase of 38% per 90days over 10 years including the huge drawdowns. Show me anything comparing to that and I will invest. 5. Theft: This is, unfortunately, misinformation, something I had not expected from someone so thourough in his analyses. Of course there's been theft from exchanges, but there's never been theft from wallets/private-keys. The whole system has proven, despite many techno and even political and smearing attacks, absolutely robust and safe. Gold is actually less secure, in that you are now obliged to register your data to buy more than 2000 worth of it. Only recently there have been instances (Argentina) where the government has gone looting people's silver; look it up. You cannot locate and dig up someones bitcoin. You cannot, since the owner's data are 100% private. Plus, theft in terms of false accounting is impossible in Bitcoin where all transactions are - exactly the opposite - public and transparent and known to each bitcoin holder (distributed ledger) 6. Governments cannot stop it; China has tried 3 times, unsuccessfully. It actually enables the other 4 billion people on earth to transact, where banks are non-existent. In Germany one can now buy burgers at Burger King with it. In the US you can buy your Timberwolves (I think) NBA tickets, and so on. In the banking world it is being accepted, in the rest of the world it is the only money available. 7. If it was worthless, then why are so many banks and organisation thinking of issuing their own coins? So, it works, what "the establishment" is trying to do is take control of cryptocurrencies, something one cannot do with bitcoin. 8. As for fundamental value, just listen to Andreas Antonopoulos (many entries to listen to on youtube); I cannot put it simpler and better. Bitcoin is actually more "real" than FIAT currencies. If there is something with fundametal value then it surely is not anything other than Bitcoin. Does this mean a recession will not hit Bitcoin? Temporarily nobody knows, because only 2-3% of investors globally are in it right now; Bitcoin is still an infant. But in the long term, it is better than gold. Just listen to some "awakened" big (very big) investors (youtube again, you're out of luck with mainstream media). Please let me know where you think I am wrong. I am open to your comments.

  3. Thanks to you all for your testimonies, it has helped me greatly I thought the were not real but I will now boldly testify ...he's strategies are awesome.

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