Selfpay bitcoin

selfpay bitcoin

SelfPay provides an innovative solution to bridge the gap between traditional payments (debit and credit card cards) and cryptocurrency. 20% of each. Selfpay. Connecting traditional payments & cryptocurrency. Believing that the main problem for sellers and merchants to accept a cryptocurrency is both change. Their point of sale, can accept both credit card and cryptocurrency. 20% of each transaction fee are given to the merchants and/or the customers in SxP tokens and.

: Selfpay bitcoin

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Koto coin price We're leveraging the Ethereum blockchain technology to bring cryptocurrency transaction to small and medium businesses. Most of the actual blockchains selfpay bitcoin using transaction fees to incentivize their network. It was also at the end of that we decided it was time for a change, so we started a rebranding process, to align our image with our vision and ambitions going forward. Crypto reward can be received in any major crypto currency and ERC20 token, enabling seller to manage a multi cryptocurrency wallet of rewards. Local exchanges will still be used to provide liquidity when needed. The rebranding process was an all-team effort, selfpay bitcoin went beyond the hard work of re-designing our thousands of pay stations and well onto improving our service selfpay bitcoin and selfpay bitcoin our customer-centric mindset. As such, SelfPay is providing solutions covering each use case.
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selfpay bitcoin

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